Massage and Reflexology



Massages available together for couples or friends.

massageOur Massage Therapists are licensed by the State of Ohio Medical Board. You will experience the benefits of massage, enhanced circulation, relief of muscle tension, promotion of healthy skin, as well as mental and physical well-being. Let our Massage Therapist customize your treatment. Whether you need to relax or need attention to your aching back or neck, we will tailor a massage treatment to target your specific needs.

Spa on the Avenue  Full Body Massage:
For everyone who needs relief from everyday stress. A customized treatment with various massage techniques and pressure for your individual needs.
Full Body:
50 minute: $55 
80 minute: $80 
Deep Tissue: 
50 minute: $70 
80 minute: $95

Spa on the Avenue   Upper Body Massage
Focuses exclusively on the neck, shoulders and back. Releases tension and treats extreme tightness with a deeper pressure applied to your overworked muscles. 50 minute: $65

Spa on the Avenue   Heated Stone Massage
Heated stones carry a penetrating heat deep into your muscles to help release muscle tension. It’s massage taken a step above, taking the level of relaxation to new avenues. 75 minute: $90

Spa on the Avenue   Add Aromatherapy to Any Massage
Aromatherapy achieves therapeutic results through the use of specially formulated essential oils for complete relaxation. $5

Spa on the Avenue   Add Biofreeze Muscle Treatment for sore, tired or aching muscles. $5

Spa on the Avenue   Add Sugar Foot Scrub followed with a hydrating butter cream. $20 


Spa on the Avenue   Reflexology
Reflexology foot massage is an incredible healing force that can alleviate many symptoms such as headaches, fatigue and many others. It’s one of the strongest stress relieving treatments and a great way to end a full body massage. 30 minutes: $40

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